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There's lots of possibilities at work

If you think you're ready for work, there lots of support to help you.

If you’ve a clear idea of the industry you want to work in, do your research and see what kind or role might suit you.

Offer to do work experience or an internship in a company that interests you, or consider a part-time role to get started. Recruitment agencies can help with finding a role, or you might want to start working for yourself. There’s lots of possibilities.

Are you ready?

To make sure you are ready to look for a job and start out in the world of work make sure you ask yourself some serious questions.

What sort of work do you want to do?

Do you need to find some work experience first?

Might an apprenticeship be a better option?

Have you researched the job you want to do and know that you’ll be successful in finding it?
Have you spoken to others – such as your parents or teachers- and got their advice and guidance?