Start the conversation

It can be a battle to get past the screens and the day to day distractions to have a conversation with your child about their future. Here are some tips for getting the communication flowing with confidence:

Talk bigger picture

Don’t overwhelm them with talk of applications, qualifications and careers, put the focus on talking about what they love. Try to draw out their interests, their strengths and weaknesses, what motivates them, how they enjoy learning and who they want to be.

Help them network

Networking is daunting at any age, but if your child has an interest or wants to know more about a career then try and introduce them to friends or colleagues who might be able to offer some insight.

Put it on paper

There's lots to think about so it's worth taking some notes, setting some next steps and possible outcomes. A shared focus can help your child recognise that you're in this together and stop you both feeling overwhelmed with options.

Keep an open mind

It’s natural to have dreams and aspirations for your children but make sure you explore all the options. Don’t fall into the trap of pushing them along the route you took or into opportunities you feel you missed out on. Keep an open mind and give them tools to make the right decision for them.