Going to University is still an incredibly popular choice for young people. It can improve career prospects, employability and offers the chance to explore a subject they love in more depth.

Some students can feel overwhelmed with the number of courses and universities available and the application process. If you’re offering advice to pupils these resources can help.


UCAS is the go-to for information on applying to university. It’s got great tools and resources for students, parents and teachers:

Other resources

Which has a great hub for teachers that is packed with information that can help you guide students through their university choices and also has information on work experience, finance and funding and apprenticeships.


Apprenticeships have changed massively over the last decade and interest in them has grown as more and more young people look for options that fit with their skills and ambition.

For many students an apprenticeship is the best of both worlds. A way to explore work while gaining new qualifications and enjoying financial independence.

Want to get to grips with apprenticeships? Check these out.

Amazing Apprenticeships

Amazing Apprenticeships is part of the National Apprentice Service and an organisation on a mission to support schools and help young people make the most of apprenticeships.

They offer resources, training and in-school support:

Other resources

NatWest are charter members of Tech She Can; a commitment by organisations to work together to increase the number of women working in technology roles. We’re inspiring and educating young girls, and boys, with Tech We Can to get into tech careers so people creating the tech of the future represent society equally.

Check out their free resources at

There’s more to UCAS than university applications, the site has lots of information on apprenticeships too.

And is packed with inspiring apprentice stories and information on the pros and cons of different types of apprenticeship schemes.


Starting work

Further education isn’t the right route for all students, some will want to get stuck into the world of work straight away. Whether they have a clear idea of the industry they want to work in or need direction, you can help them explore their options.

Inspiring the future

Inspiring the future is a great organisation that helps young people see exciting future by introducing them to role models and careers they didn’t even know existed.

They offer resources, support and can connect you with volunteer speakers from across the UK:

Other resources

Get my first job is a website where young people can find work experience placements, apprenticeships and routes into their chosen career. As well as thousands of positions to search there's lots of resources you can use with your students such as career quizzes and videos.

The National Careers Service has online tools you can use with your students to help them make choices on careers, training and work.